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MacGyver: thunderwolf, you should check out their bct. incredible work from nicolas dorier and team.SolarPowered: SR4, looks cool but who knows what coins win in the end. good thing we have more than 1 hehe:D.I agree, and would in fact love an opportunity to sell a kidney if Monero hit 2.50 ever again.Banhammer: Frogish banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by biodork.Alts has a great help for many who participated om different campaigns as well and yet monero.Alphamode: angryseagull, maybe because privacy is hard-coded into the coin instead of relying on a third-party system.I think Monero is more user friendly than Zcash and other Z coins.

Khilone: angryseagull, yeah well deserved for the team and community.StocksnBlondes: darkkkkk, If you watch all the charts youll be fine.BrainStormer: lookup, Well Earth is flat because we see only the surface from our eyes.His Constitution without walls is my decentralized ledger design, except he has a mistake.Quote from: suppersz on August 27, 2017, 06:44:09 PM there are plenty of reasons for them to stick around Yeah 100s of greater fools reasons.Good luck with ur trades I got my fingers crossed for us both.DustOff: lennontime, i guess that would be english breakfast or something.

CryptoCatfish: lennontime getting rekt right now.He shorted dash at 165.You can have account at Nadex and make money on btc going up or down even if its just 10 bucks in one day.AbyNormal: BrainStormer, if countries start using blockchain tech they will make their own coins, still btc could be used as international digital coin.Snorlax: Unlim8ed, looks like my node is down, darn. ooof course.No idea of the time could be weeks, months, years just have to wait because it will go there.Britbear13: CryptoCatfish, ive read it, and i heard the whole shill to make it so your grandma can use it, but its kinda childish and stupid if you really think about it.GodAlmighty: zhalox, I was waiting on his new project that he dropped boolberry for and he just disappeared.

StocksnBlondes: FreakinJohn, hold on let me see if i can find the article agian.TalesFromTheCryptKeeper: Truesdell, oh nice, ya no idea then. but should be an interesting q and a.Banhammer: KontraK banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by j33hopper.Original: stotoyan, The tech is great to try to be a Digital Cash.It makes sense. Cheers. No problem, perhaps you would like to view these things.AWildKeccakAppears: AlmostGenius, the art of shilling is about subtlety.SR4: theBunk, i hate paying attention to trash too,but cant resist adding to my short every morning with these prices. free money.

Woodstock: Nemphis, people thought it was because dash was secure, but they allowed ZEC and XMR.Bigolas: Zebra, Thanks for the descriptio, I think i get it now.LSDog: keatonofthedrakes, i dont see it on youtube or anywhere on reddit.With all alts decreasing against BTC, monero was one of them to hold on.ElChe: Khilone, yeah well paying customers in crypto are a rarity.

Banhammer: Romero banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by VenomGhost.Hal: batteryphil, because there are more idiots than sane people.

Banhammer: Massdebater banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by VenomGhost.SolarPowered: Please do not post how many coins you have thank you:D.Hal: CryptoCatfish, and it also wont be an investment opportunity anymore at that point.

KerCHING: CringeTrading, thunderwolf, interesting report on rt today about legalised pot prices crashing, could impact the crypto pot price.Cruznik02: thas because there are 2 coins that look identical.You can help avoid it by bumping up your tier and using 2FA if you arent already.

CryptoCatfish: lobujit, It has some cool features.instant send and automatic payments.This look like a MM to me.Maybe FBI reports of looking into Monero is more geared towards that front than the actual codebase.Storing less than 4 GB of data once required the budget of a superpower and a warehouse full of punched cards.SideShowBob: but there is much more than i just post in here i just painted with large strokes.I just love to log on poloniex and see my best coin known as startis perform like that.