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Before digital encryption and data loc. How to show YouTube video clips in the classroom even when your school blocks YouTube (and how to. Ethereums 5001%.wbe4ever: alts need a bit of sydneytc: Xoblort, what is the indication if something is lacking in the profile?.SideShowBob: bobdoe, terrybeth is ok but i dont swang that way.Bitcoinmillion1: hookers blow, n hot coco with eth shorth the next day or so. gl peeps.

Xoblort: Icemann, Give me one moment to check a few things please.Cthulhu: veezybme, so transaction size is smaller and u can put more per blocks.Smart contracts: The authors look to Ethereums system of smart contracts,. - 11:29. The First Supermoon of the Year,.AwakenedChain: 2much, i was longing from 866. closed it at 998 after the word broke out and started a short. its a pattern.Bigolas: PokerManiac, Not much I can do here, sounds like you may not have paid enough in fees, slight gues.

CoinYoda: concavity, economies NEED corruption and competition in the form of cryptos to keep it going.SeekingAlfalfa: Coins with a reason to go up will go up today or tomorrow.Cryptography: The fun part about late night is predictable bots.Banhammer: sharkied banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Bigolas.Bigolas: liluxfragrance, I wondered how effective it was posting that afterwards.Bigolas: vvu14091691, Support are under a very heavy load at the moment, due to a massive increase in New Users.DarkAngel: good coins today BBR, BITS, C2.CURE,HZ among others:D.

PuffNStuff: Of course everything could fall through and we could be left with nothing.WiseGoat: If litecoin crashes again, it might seriously put off serious potential users.

Xoblort: Delisting is always a decision that we do not like to make but it is necessary from time to time.Bigolas: andresfepreri, Please use only English in the box, thankyou for understanding.I have a problem in a deposit FCT, I did a few days and stopped the confitmaes in 2-3, I already opened a call in the support and until.Bigolas: ishandotgupta, I can see it pending now, should not be too long.

Nordman: rpow, several shout down central paris last night, 1 cop dead.Sell side has totally thinned out past few hours and new ATHs here should get intense media attention.Calabrese69: cRypT0gElDiNG, trump destroy obama,,, LTC needs trump piss of that charlie lee.PuffNStuff: bestcoinholder, Yes, ripple could do amazing things.Xoblort: You can toggle throttling of order book updates, you can also group orders within the order book.TimeIsMoney: PondLife, if you can buy part of the list or know the rules and buy the knowledge.

Xoblort: CryptoG, Some people get better performance using the mobile site.I have never tried sys before but I tried GNT and it seemed like I got way more coins but it was hard to make profit.ManWithThePlan: 62.1 yuan now - china is buying the crap out of LTC.Hotmetal: Pharrisee1, i suppose it would look nice above my fireplace:P.Sanniyo: Xoblort, my level 1, but I withdraw less then 2000usd.Olhado: kishore.sanke, you just need to buy coins that you follow and believe in the value prop - and buy cheap.Bitcoinmillion1: MrSelfDestruct, PoW gives cryptos so much value most people do not understand.Bigolas: Xclusive, I posted the tip below your last comment just for you.Bigolas: PRO TIP: Beware of phishing sites and links promising profits.

TheMrCharles: Finale, zencash. gonna have IPFS and intergated dapps like burst eth and nxt.Painatal: I know banks will never adopt btc, so I split my investment in both BTC and XRP, in a long term is win win.Xoblort: anakinisme, For verification types please go to the My Profile page under Settings.

SirPogiALot: ben-d948 and please DYOR, dont research using trollbox on xem.Painatal: InTheCorner, lol if you are spending btc over fiat you are a fool, only if you are in the darkmarkets I can understand wasting BTC. but still.CryptoAndCoffee: WiseGoat, also look at Israel how old it is:) No other country anywhere near close to being that old.Bigolas: POLO TIP: Asking for Trollbox advice will just get you spam.Xoblort: CryptoG, maybe you try multiple browsers as well where possible to see if that helps.Finnrey: pelagic1, oh well in bars I guess they can set their own policy.Transactibility is a good thing.not the other way round. Besides.I dont see losing my coins if I stay up to date, and.Finale: theres too much news with ripple. you even have the an executive from SWIFT.

Cthulhu: edward10024, and as u always notice, they will buy the dips:D.Xoblort: gurdarshansinghpunia, Lets watch the cheerleading please.PokerManiac: Bigolas, bitcoin, i deposited 9 hours ago and it was unconfirmed and showed back in my wallet.Xoblort: montenegro, There are many factors that go into delisting, Moderators work in the box exclusively so commenting on that in detail is not possible for us.Xoblort: wasiuae, Avoid asking people to broadcast their trades as much as possible please.Cryptroll: DarkAngel, Yes its quiet and its killing me.not enough publicity.Hotmetal: Pharrisee1, any light colors will melt our eyes after a few continuous hours.WiseGoat: The xem charts seem to reveal lots of smaller buyers, which might even overcome whales.Xoblort: mohsinmalikleo11, hey, As a moderator I am unable to resolve it for you but our support staff is able to assist you.

Xoblort: alexnichey, Lets please not start that spam when you return, Thank you.FenderLender: PolarIce, somewhat, but not if its a bank term deposit earning 3% interest.Xoblort: maiphihoang2013, if oyou do not know what to do you need to reply to that ticket.

Xoblort: Leonard54, Lets please not start that spam, Thank you.FenderLender: Hotmetal, if I had 100btc there would be no way I would be on margin, I would just lend.JAGANNATH: last time I made a withdrawal from here i could just set it and it happened in a few minutes. hearing all this stuff is so crazy.Mansek3000: nanative, unfair.max profits and hold back segwit is not the idea behind decentralised cryptocurrencies.I just own the top 15.genrerally speaking they all seem to rise over time as more and more money enters the game.Edmoneymaker: montenegro, it was their mystakes for buy it and not short it fast, mystakes cost money, the only good thing is that the ppl learn in the bad way.Xoblort: POLO TIP: Please dont ask for Marks,Coins or Donations.ManWithThePlan: the 1 week 15m chart is about as bullish a run up as you can ever hope to see in a coin.Fubar: siraph01, i play the russian roulette whit coins have invest in over 25 coins sometime at gives a shoot.