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KerCHING: CryptoCatfish, Ahh, that explains it, you are confusing crypto with forex, lol.OaktreeCapital: yeezytrades, I almost pulled the trigger and did that.RastaMiner: j33hopper, API is working properly again. thanks.OaktreeCapital: SolarPowered, You have a history of letting this happen.SolarPowered: iamdanielmills, That just depends on how long btc takes to confirm and it is a bit backed up recently it seems.

Zebra: theBunk, lol:D point to budget proposal for trolls:D.DustOff: KinderChocolate, supply being locked away in masternodes is like built in deflation.OracleofPOLO: imbest, once BELLA breaks its ATH then it will be unstoppable.Watchtower: thcnq, Lets not start the price speculations and prediction spam please.

RastaMiner: 2ez28u, true. i think people switch from XMR to dash.MrFuture: everyday is a darker world, so the coin should be dark as well.Zebra: SpaceX, bloomberg posted a proposterous page about bitcoin 14 hrs ago.Namtara: mycobacterium, its been manipulated too much for me to trust it.Su100: E100, there are certainly more things in that category u named:).LBCMiner: theBunk, you do realize coins go down when I buy, and go down more after I cover.

Listman: frenchfry, I couldnt justify 0.20 a day on my laptop lol but I know what you mean.JohnsJohnJohnny: Denominator, if you have 30k you should read, if you dont you should still read it.Zebra: cryptoponka, very risky im just watching all day and afraid to risk anything, and I ate up 3 bowls of popcorn:D.

Happy Knits ( ) Save your money and IMPROVE your HEALTH. 100% Quality, Absolutely Anonymously.ByronZED: I want to join where is lookup parade aswell. so - where is lookup.Namtara: Unac, the chat is a little restrictive. it would be sweet to have an alternate. less moddy. chat.Kopen brussel macam sitrat sildenafil vasodilator effect masticable argentina taper.Shamu: MOTB, okay need to change every password on every sites then to be safe.CashCow: BlackAmine, UP. big time. there is no debate on that one.Listman: is there news bringing XMR down or just its stale life.

CryptoCatfish: KerCHING, To trading any market forex, stocks, futures you name it.

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Most novice programmers misuse C so poorly that they end up with worse results.

Zebra: ZWhale, sure time passes. there are a lot of interesting may come between this and the next year:).Filipos76: damocles, Im puting 20 btc in XMR.and what it will be will be.

JohnsJohnJohnny: Denominator, btc should reach 20k or 10k if it follows the past historical bubbles.Zebra: s0meguy, justlook for the index in google there is description.PaDutchCrypto: lookup, is true. to be thought of well by others may not warrant an award but it does mean something.KerCHING: CryptoCatfish, yep, some very pugnacious trolls about today.Zebra: menindorf, all coins depend on btc because they are traded to btc and back.GoldenParazyth: any forum i would go to read about the any coin, there are XMR shills vomiting.OaktreeCapital: Xmr integration with chaturbate is pretty huge for.

Obit33: lobujit, or the chart showing the 2 million instamine in 24 hours.KerCHING: CryptoCatfish, chicken vindaloo on the way:D I think patience is among the most important disciplines for a trader.