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Due to the wireless broadcast nature, it is not trivial to identify the attacker.Abstract: A wireless sensor network (WSN) is a large number of sensor nodes distributed throughout large geographical area of interest.Key words: Induction motor, Vector control, Fuzzy control, Sliding mode control, Genetic algorithm.Adithyanadig A.R, Kuchi Sandhya, Mukundahebbark.V, Swetha B.S, M.V. Panduranga Rao.To Elevate the Grid Stability of PV System by Using Fuzzy MPPT Control.Siva Ram Murthy and B. S. Manoj, Ad Hoc Wireless Networks Architectures and Protocols, (Pearson Education Inc., 642-643).Performance comparison of AOMDV and POR Routing Protocols in MANETS.

Abstract: The application of different types of FLC and conventional PID controllers to the Inverted pendulum problem is presented in this paper.IEEE Transactions on Electrical Insulation, 28, (1993). 1082-1089.Heat storage in phase change materials (PCM) has an advantage of compactness and heat supply at constant temperature.On average, we have observed that CNG operation results in 3-12% less Mechanical efficiency compared to gasoline.Abstract: This study aims to create an optimal communication path modeling of Wireless Sensor Network applied for early detection of landslide.Design of an Efficient 128-Bit Carry Select Adder Using Bec and Variable csla Techniques.Abstract: Material handling systems are commonly used in almost all the industries in all over the world.Cost Effective Approach for Automatic Service Provider Selection in Cloud Computing.

Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries, 26(1), 104-116.Investigating the Effect of Water Temperature and Inclination Angle on the Performance of Single Slope Solar Still: A Taguchi Approach.Reaffirmed Ltd Realtime Techsolutions Pvt Ltd. Non-fund based-LOC. ICRA A4. 30. Revised from. ICRA A4+ Realtime. futures) and Forex prices are not provided by.Quaker 7101, Blasocut strong 4000 and Velvex have been selected as lubricant.Two popular compression methods are Wavelet and Ridgelet methods.To carry out the present research, the reports of the occupational accidents in an Iranian industry assembling power plants turbines were studied and the required data collected.Contracting in suppy chains: alaboratory investigation, Management Science, 55(13), 2009, 1953-1968.Abstract: Filter winder winds yarns or rovings on cylindrical perforated packages.

Key words: FACTS, UPFC, power flow control, power system stability, simulink etc.The drawbacks in previous E-examinations are pointed out and have been taken into consideration to overcome it, an appropriate solution is proposed.However, the fuzzy control rules are always built by designers with trial and error.

This paper mainly deals with design of an all-digital PLL in VHDL using Xilinx.The principle behind Participatory intervention approach was adopted in capturing the opinion of a sample of 1046 taxicab drivers on selected in-vehicle elements.This technique is used as it provides very good segmentation results than any other method.Fast Dynamic Control Behavior of a Capacitor Supported Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR).The performance of the wind turbine and thereby power quality are determined on the basis of measurements and the norms followed according to the guideline specified in International Electro-technical Commission standard, IEC-61400.Key words: UMTS, WLAN, mobility, 4G, Ad-hoc Network (as cognitive).Abstract: This paper describes the speed control scheme of DC motor and provides a comparative analysis of firing angle based speed control technique.Faizan Ahmed Sheikh, Raminder Preet Pal Singh, Jang Bahadur Singh, Parveen Lehana.Key words: Ad-Hoc, MANET, multicast routing protocols, RBMulticast, stateless.

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Proceeding Communication, vol. 145, No. 3, June 1998, pp. 117-125.In all the process industries the process variables like flow, pressure, level and temperature are the main parameters that need to be controlled in both set point and load changes.Intrusion detection system is an effective security tool that helps to prevent unauthorized access to network resources by analyzing the network traffic.Selection of Optimal Location and Size of Multiple Distributed Generations by Using Kalman Filter Algorithm.In this the clock generation circuitry an AND function is removed and is replaced with a Pass-Transistor logic based AND gate.Performance Measurement and Analysis of OLSR Routing Protocol Based On Node Scenarios Using NS2 Simulator.

The important reversible gates used for reversible logic synthesis are Feynman Gate, Fredkin gate, toffoli gate etc.This process is carried out to reduce the exhaust emissions at its best and to have the complete combustion of fuel from the beginning itself.Or a person can even use this method to keep his important documents, like passport number, pan-card id, and social security number, perfectly secured with him all the time, without the information getting leaked to outside world.A formulation of plastic hinge length in R.C. Columns. Department of Engineering, University of Sannio.An object shape mainly depends upon local and global variables.Despite this, the level of awareness of embedded system is low, hence this paper is written.The identification of stable and efficient routing protocol plays a very critical role in places where wired network are neither available nor economical to deploy.The purpose of this study is to improve the conventional method practices which tend to be ineffective in Malaysian Polytechnic.Multi Layer Percepron (MLP) architecture is used for Intrusion Detection System.

Puri, Prediction of microwave permittivity of leafy vegetation using Ag thick film microstripline, Microelec Int., 25, 2008, 37-40.A Novel Approach With Subjective Assessment For E-Examination.Key words: Bandgap Reference, Comparator, Resistor Ladder, ROM encoder, Thermometer to Binary encoder.Application of Engineering Microorganism for the Effective Treatment of Paint Shop Wastewater.Power Electronics: Principles and Applications, Fourth Reprint, DELMAR Cengage Learning,NewDelhi, 2009.The prediction results using both hybrid models showed satisfactory and reliable performances for flood water level prediction.Abstract: This project envisages a zeta converter fed by photovoltaic module as input power source.

Abstract: Core-based system-on-chips (SoCs) fabricated on three-dimensional (3D) technology are emerging for better integration capabilities.In a Multiprocessor design, each processor can use the uni-processor power management techniques, such as clock gating, keeping the processor in standby mode and voltage and frequency scaling.

Concept of key point, nodes, meshing and separate elements was used to model the concrete and the reinforcement.A thick substrate FR4 which has a dielectric constant 4.4 with infinite ground broadens the bandwidth of the antenna.The ability to measure and characterize the dimension, geometrical form and surface topography to study physical, chemical, mechanical and biological properties for complex features of engineering object, biomaterial, organ, tissue in micro- or nano-meter scale is vital for high degree of precision and accuracy and to verify the quality and reliability.Legendre and Zernike moments have an orthogonal basis set and can be used to represent an image with minimum amount of information redundancy.Most embedded systems are encapsulated within the main working frame of the device being controlled.Several anonymization techniques were designed for privacy preserving data publishing.