How to get moneros in my wallet

SokaMyohoSeattle: Add more coins to trade in the ETH market, please.Bakery: ANONchikun, i know, probably a red candle coming soon, its always that way.Nordman: SideShowBob, you know I think I have heard that such and such coin is the next btc for to many years lol.Follow redditquette and the rules of reddit. that would be great as when Moneros Kovri gets. I just made an advertisement without any Monero in my wallet.TheChandler: CryptoWarehouse, The locken festival lol Its in August.Agent86: DalalBuffet, I look at it like this, The top cryptos in the USDT market on Polo are all good long term as crypto rises.BrainStormer: DASH is being stimulated by someone or some people.CryptoMind: Last call for flight number ETH0.03 to the space.

Agent86: Petertoddsghost, Yep, I told fluffy as much not long ago.BathrobeBillionaire: Enforcer, yes. remember, transfer of money is only one thing ETH can be used for.KerCHING: terrybeth, we can use this new-found knowledge to our advantage.muhahahaa.LBCMiner: Probably still a good time to buy dash for long term investment.Skellige68: whale just putting his wall on ETH then buying cheaper.

Xoblort: Mrlovah, I resent that, make sure you check the spam folder also please.Xoblort: PRO TIP: Enable 2FA for your email account and your login here for better security at - Your email account is your weakest link.TheChandler: crisConte, Ok lol You picked the right Horse today.Squidlings: malik, just people who bought cheap selling to cash their profits.VegiSpin: oh my god, someone boot the pump team out of the trollbox.Xoblort: Alfie, please tell your friend to submit the ticket,too.Agent86: Its amazing that ethereum looks to be the blockchain of choice of business.

Xoblort: talentedSquirrel, the links are all in our press release, here is our support.Bigolas: PRO TIP: Beware of phishing sites and links promising profits.Bitsbetrippin: man.that 390 dash investment from December paying off now.Mirai: POLO TIP: If you would like to Margin Trade you can check out the features and read more about it here.KinderChocolate: Jeez. the value of my holdings just keep going up and up.:).

Mirai: Please, try to refrain from using excessive characters in the TrollBox.Mirai: javier7676, Lets not post ticker spam, please. Thank you.Agent86: lobujit, Yeah, it like dash can make use of a lot of code written for bitcoin so integration at least for non-shielded transactions is straightforward.

Banhammer: ultramode banned for 1 days, 0 hours, and 0 minutes by biodork.OneDollarBill: stotoyan, i will only hold it for like 30min tops:)).Cparker742016: Mirai, i sent 14 of eth to my account it shows it deposited from my coinbase but its not showing up in my poloneix account please help.Enforcer: SouthEth, it wont other operator that controls 70% btc atms stated they will not add it nor any other crypto.Ghostbusters: ben-0057, yes, something like that, without the 20% subsidy, bfwebb22, was 0.8 usd some minutes ago, could go to some bucks.DarkSwan: who was that guy that kept bosting in here that he would get only liquidated with dash at 0.028 again.SideShowBob: 50ShadesOfDamon, i just use 10 btc to get that done.

Nordman: RickRoller, most high rollers are at a level of verification where they have contacts with management.Nahkampfschaf: even if etf isnt improved, btc wouldnt fall into emptyness.This trading chat comes from the chat box on an active altcoin trading website.Pink: spinalpap, blockchain use requires ETH coins to purchase processing power on the blockchain to do the work Santander needs, this puts a pricepoint on ETH.Xoblort: talentedSquirrel, be careful there, when you use copypaste make sure you have no SPACES maybe at the end or beginning.

Agent86: Stilllight, I could see a Snapchat type thing built atop Whisper easily.Banhammer: Skellige68 banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by biodork.SideShowBob: Shamoo, yeah its my main ride but i like the sl for the power and the boze system rocks.CroMiner: hc77, I just wanted to change my name to CroTrades since i,m not mining anymore:).Agent86: Deepblue, Seems the market is choosing it as the new litecoin. ie: Litecoin was 40 during Bitcoins all time high.

BathrobeBillionaire: as far as roadmaps goes, ETH probably has the most ambitious one out there.JohnsJohnJohnny: Ima sort dash some more, im thinking by 50 btc:).CryptoCatfish: etiennez0r, No, But there is a channel forming.Xoblort: annedragon7, Your withdrawal is awaiting approval, but confirmed.Architectural mythology of arizona new student orientation schedule.ValentinJesse: jimbit, he wants to milk the masternode rewards for as long as possible.FreeWilly: Everyone will be using it, like bitcoin, except with the 30min Transfer time, but instant pay.MakeSoap: dash charts about to make even less sense since dumb money won out this time so dumb money retains control now lol.Agent86: ABBA, Its low because its a one-dev coin which one pool (nanopool) manipulated at one point.

HankPaulson: stotoyan, yeah I sold 3 masternodes a while back prepping for this ETF.Xoblort: Confirmation time varies depending on how busy the network is.Savigny: Umpocket, maybe there is a market depth, but the conference is big.COUNTERint: Corporate bagholders finally figured out that ETH is a sack of excrement.And I hear you BRICK - thought there would have been more movement lol.Agent86: BenjaminBannekar, Ironic you trade crypto currencies.Petertoddsghost: Juan1Ponce1De1Leon, invest your life savings please.SideShowBob: onlinehandelen247, unfortunatley i can only use paypal.Nordman: onlinehandelen247, yeah have checked out such before, rather stay under the radar.