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The big rains, June through September or longer, usually bring daily precipitation.Land, although not officially owned by individuals, is inheritable.As drafted, the bill does not allow religious organizations and political parties to run their own radio stations.Caves decorated with prehistoric drawings are located near Dire Dawa.This places the HIV-infected population in 1998 at approximately three million.At any one time, there are probably about 20 different newspapers for sale in Addis Ababa.

The military situation along the border remained tense and potentially volatile, and the Eritrea-Ethiopia conflict unresolved.The remaining 3 to 8 percent are adherents of various other religions.Increased military expenditures during 1999 and 2000 largely due to the war with Eritrea threatened stability.

A 1992 Press Law, along with the constitution of Ethiopia, provide for free speech and a free press.Imports of refined petroleum products totaled 24,910 barrels per day, with consumption was an estimated 23,000 barrels per day in 2001.In 1992, for instance, the countries of the EU purchased approximately Br203.3 million worth of Ethiopian exports, whereas this figure increased dramatically to Br1,351.5 million in 1996.If you fail to do so, you will be considered as one who has deprived another of limbs, and accordingly you will be fined 50 dollars, which money will be used for the education of the poor.After the change of government in 1991, 970,000 Ethiopian refugees returned home from neighboring countries.Eucalyptus stands, introduced in the 19th century, are a valuable source of firewood, furniture, and poles.The housing deficit for urban areas alone has been estimated at over 699,000 units, about 42% of the total housing stock in the nation.

Today, twenty-five years after the last emperor was dethroned, the flag consists of the traditional green, gold, and red horizontal stripes with a five-pointed star and rays emitting from its points in the foreground over a light blue circular background.The same UN Security Council Resolution 1640 required both Ethiopia and Eritrea to withdraw their troops to the levels of 16 December 2004, and to both take immediate steps to start demarcation of their disputed boundary in accordance with the 2002 EEBC ruling, by 23 December 2005.More than 42 percent of graduates dropped out of teaching after 5 years of service.Their facilities were seized under the Derg, and today there are only two radio broadcasters in Addis Ababa: Radio Ethiopia and Radio Fana.In mid-1977, Somalia invaded the Ogaden area to support the claims of ethnic Somalis there for self-determination.Aksum controlled much of the Red Sea coast and had links with the Mediterranean world.Official and black market exchange rates are nearly the same.

DIRE DAWA, with a population over 150,000, is a commercial center second in importance to the capital.The national air carrier, Ethiopian Airlines, provides quality service to 37 domestic and 42 international destinations throughout Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America utilizing primarily Boeing aircraft.When the Derge government was armed by the Soviets, the Eritreans still refused to accept external subjugation.The National Library, established in 1944, holds 164,000 volumes.Although the Oromo are the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia, never in their history have they maintained political power.In 1999, about 85% of the total were engaged in agriculture and livestock raising.

Since only 12 percent of all Ethiopian land is arable, 1 percent is used for permanent crops, and 40 percent is comprised of permanent pastures, it is essential.The literary academy was the third academy of higher education.The Axumites and the Romans became economic partners who controlled the Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea trades, respectively.The season runs from October to June. and you have to apply in advance for membership.Church schools trained not only priests, but monks and debtera (cantors), who were often better educated than the priests they served.The Orthodox faith, traditionally associated with the Ethiopian (Abyssinian) culture of the highlands, was, until the overthrow of the Emperor, the official state religion.After the proclamation of the Press Freedom Bill, new, independent newspapers and magazines developed, especially in Addis Ababa.The population of Ethiopia in 2005 was estimated by the United Nations (UN) at 77,431,000, which placed it at number 15 in population among the 193 nations of the world.When traveling to lower altitudes, take malaria suppressants weekly to improve prophylaxis.

Other national groups — German, Italian, French, and Swedish — also maintain good schools.As for air transport, there are a total of 85 airports in Ethiopia, 11 of which have paved runways.With many unique indigenous plant, bird, and mammal species, the country has an enormous diversity of wildlife, exotic landscapes, and architectural ruins of prehistoric, historical, and religious significance.In April 1993, the EPLF administered a separatist referendum under the auspices.To break the cycle of famine, the government has promoted extension services and fertilizers in the hope that farmers could realize their potential and poverty would be reduced.Attitudes and culture held education back in postwar Ethiopia.

For example, by 1962, the Dutch H.V.A. Sugar Company, which commenced operations in Ethiopia in the early 1950s.Results of these efforts are yet to show obvious results, but overall there has been a significant increase of budgetary allocations in the educational system throughout the country.During World War II, British and South African forces recaptured Ethiopia, and Haile Selassie was restored as emperor.In addition, the government opened a number of previously closed sectors of the economy to foreign investment, although financial services, large-scale power production, telecommunications, and other public utilities remain off limits.The northeastern provinces of Tigre and Welo are prone to drought, which tends to occur about once every ten years.The city is also known for the excellent coffee grown in the surrounding mountains.Passages from famous philosophers, such as Plato, Aristotle, Zara Yacob, and Wolde Hiywet, were also studied.Thus most press offenses are considered by authorities as criminal, and not civic in nature.Emperor Yohannes IV (1871-89) sought national unity through religious conformity, while Menelik II (1889-1913) sought centralization of government functions, creation of government health centers, financing of small industries, and spreading education as a means of creating that unity for Ethiopia.

The government views radio as the most important mass medium in a large country like Ethiopia.In the north, the Denakil Desert reaches to the Red Sea and the coastal foothills of Eritrea.A wide variety of physical types are evident, along with many very different languages, religious affiliations, and beliefs.The school sought to give girls a technical education, but it also tried to preserve traditional female occupations.Italian scholars felt that ancient Rome made a mistake when it educated the native chiefs of Britain.In 1997, UNHCR had started planning the airlift of around 4,400 Ethiopian refugees remaining in Kenya.Socialist agricultural reforms conducted by the Derg included land reforms that led to relatively equitable patterns of land tenure.

Even today, after an ethnic federalist government has been established, the Oromo lack appropriate political representation.

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After decades of resistance and war against different totalitarian regimes within, a new model of state governance is being implemented.Ethiopia has received UN technical assistance in the fields of public administration, telecommunications, vocational training, agriculture, animal husbandry, education, civil aviation, and health.'s List of Every Word of the Year

Though the government has pursued policies of trade liberalization, they have not promoted unobstructed free trade.A landlocked country, Ethiopia uses the port of Djibouti for international trade.For many similar countries, this dominance is the direct result of the colonial period, which encouraged policies of agricultural exportation at the expense of industrial development.

Situated 62 miles southeast of Addis Ababa, NAZRET is a growing agricultural and commercial center.Why FDR Matters Now More Than Ever. January 30,. it’s worth remembering FDR’s legacy:. and the enforcement of contracts),.There is only one regional radio station in Bahir Dahr, which is associated with the regional government.