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Tezos Foundation President Vows to Step Back, Then Back Pedals.Cryptocurrency Divorce Cases Highlight Evolving Definitions of Property.The Countdown is Underway for Docademics Initial Coin Offering.

Altcoin and Bitcoin Trading Chat and Archive - 2017 Feb 19

PolySwarm Partners with Reverse Engineering Platform Binary Ninja.Melbournes Nauticus Blockchain Announces ICO and New Crypto Exchange.The First Blockchain Platforms That Allows to Earn on Scientific Works.NEMs Lon Wong: Cryptocurrency Price Manipulation Is Unavoidable.Erik Finman Isnt Concerned About a Bitcoin Bubble or Price Decline.

Altcoin and Bitcoin Trading Chat and Archive - 2017 Feb 28

Russian Presidential Candidate: Proposed Cryptocurrency Regulation Too Strict.

Russian Nuclear Scientists Busted Trying Bitcoin Mining at Secret Facility.Ex-PayPal President: Facebook Messenger Unlikely to Support Crypto.Pre-ICO of Crypto N Kafe successfully raised USD 7.14 Million.MARK.SPACE Raises Hopes of a Lucrative Alliance between VR and E-Commerce through its Revolutionary Blockchain Powered Ecosystem.Independent Journalist Ben Swann Overcomes Censorship With Exclusive Dash Sponsorship.DomRaider Group Unveils the First Version of their Blockchain Based Auction Solution under the New Brand Name Auctionity.

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Visa and Mastercard Now Charge an Additional Fee for Buying Cryptocurrency.

Bank for International Settlements Demands More Global Cryptocurrency Regulation.Auditing Firm No Longer Working With Bitfinex as Critics Ask More Questions.

This Company Will Store Your Cryptocurrencies in Its Gold Vaults in Dubai.Riot Blockchain Is Acquiring a Miami Digital Currency Exchange.NEMs Anti-Theft Tagging Feature Could Cripple XEM Fungibility.PRE-ICO SOON Betrium Launches Presale, Worldwide Bookmaker and Betting Exchange.

Zapit is All Set to Revolutionize the Shopping Experience of Amazon Consumers.Cannabis for Connoisseurs: Budbo Blockchain Produces Higher Quality Cannabis Products.

Due to security and KYC issues, that is only good for small amounts though. (Money orders are also limited to small amounts).First of all, you should know you can buy cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Litecoin, Iotacoin, Dash… either from exchanges,...Microsoft Favors Layer-Two Blockchain Scaling Solutions Over Block Size Increases.Persona: How to Create a Super Secure, Single Sign-on to the Digital World.If anonymity is really important, an in-person exchange may actually be better.BitFury Group Officially Unveils Crystal, a Blockchain Analysis Tool.Trade-Clearing and Money: How Dash Can Do What Few Other Coins Can.

SunContract The Hidden Energy Gem Helping Homeowners Seize Control of Their Local Energy Market.Coinbase Bolsters Top Management in Bid to Improve Customer Service.Mark Cuban Confirms Dallas Mavericks Will Accept Bitcoin For Tickets.I do this because I really believe Monero is bigger than any site, including mine, and giving people a choice is a good thing.Microsoft Eyes Role for Public Blockchains in Decentralized Identities.That was also a site of questionable dependability, but a few people took a chance on it and they did good and after years of solid business practices they became the biggest in-person BTC exchange platform.Fear and Loathing in Crypto-Vegas: How the Thud of FUD Nipped Fundamentals in the Bud.

Bitcoin and Crypto Courses All the Rage at Americas Top Schools.Decentralized ID: Reinventing ID Systems for a Decentralized Future.Tutor Ninja launches TAO by March 2018 to integrate with blockchain infrastructure.I guess it would be way easier to hide an M.O. in an envelope than a fat wad of cash.Saving Screens is available for members only. Please register and / or login to save this screen Login.The First Cryptocurrency on Lightning Network for Porn Content Payments.

Blockchain Identity Startup, Velix.ID, Partners with Cryptocurrency Exchanges for KYCs.Google Delisted Over 700,000 Malicious Play Store Apps in 2017.

MyEtherWallet Co-Founder Rebrands Twitter Page, Launches Rival Venture.Pinnacle Brilliance Systems Inc Announces Addition of David Drake to Advisors.Using Lightning Network on the Bitcoin Mainnet Is Asking for Trouble.Game Changing Payment Method for Adult Entertainment Industry, Eroiy to Start.BitConnect Plaintiff Claims its Founders are Associated With a Large Ponzi Scheme OneCoin.TNABC Miami 2018 Video Report: Tracking Fine Art Ownership on Codex, With Jess Houlgrave.